General Overview

I Love Food Again Inc. (herein referred to as "I Love Food Again!" or "we") collects personally identifiable information from customers through online forms for ordering products and services. We may also collect information about how clients use our website, for example by tracking the number of unique views received by the pages of our website of the domains from which customers originate. We use 'cookies' to track how customers use our website.

I Love Food Again! will not provide names, addresses, telephone number, email addresses, or other personally identifiable information on any customer to any third party without prior permission from that customer, or as required by an appropriate Canadian Law Enforcement agency during an ongoing investigation, or as necessary to render the service. I Love Food Again! may provide aggregate customer data to investors or other third parties in the operation of I Love Food Again!

At no point will the I Love Food Again! database of customers be sold to any entity for the purpose of marketing or mailing lists. Personal information will not be sold or otherwise transferred to our business partners without our client's prior consent, excepting that we will disclose the information we collect to third parties when, in our good faith and judgement, we are obligated to do so under the applicable privacy laws (PIPA and PIPEDA).

Data Collected

In order to establish an account with I Love Food Again!, clients are required to provide factual personal information, including their name, phone number, email address, and legal mailing address. Accounts found to be using false names will be considered fraudulent, and not subject to our privacy policy, nor otherwise applicable privacy laws. Personal information can be updated directly by the customer via logging into our website. Clients are required by I Love Food Again! to maintain accurate updated contact information on file.

In addition to personal information I Love Food Again! collects technical information regarding where and how our customers connect to our servers. The technical information collected includes the following:

  • IP address (e.g., FE80::0202:B3FF:FEF1:8329...)
  • Internet Service Provider (e.g. Rogers, Bell, Telus...)
  • Geo-location (e.g. Toronto, Montreal, Vancouver...)
  • Operating System (e.g. Windows, Mac, Android...)
  • Computer's Default Language (e.g. English, French, Chinese...)
  • Browser (e.g. Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer...)

The afore mentioned technical information is used by I Love Food Again! to ensure the smooth running of our servers and website. However it it also available to Canadian law enforcement agencies during an investigation into criminal activities.